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Getting Colour Happy with Inlay furniture.

At Artful House we love colour and are excited that we can offer our inlay furniture in a variety of different colour palettes. Here are some of our some of our top choices that we love and the vibe behind them.

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Gray is Cool & Collected

If you are like us a fan of cool and crisp interiors you will love this colour. Highly versatile it can both hold its own and be the centre of attention or provide the  perfect back drop to be paired with brighter accents 

Beige can be as Delicious as a Cookie

Warmer than the grays our biscuit colour is more whimsical in nature. When accented with light  decor items it injects soft romance into an interior. It’s also a great choice for pairing with colourful art.

Turquoise says Fun & Lively

Turquoise pieces certainly brighten up an interior and bring instant cheer to any space. We feel having turquoise in your home is a year long reminder of favourite seascapes. Inlay and Mother of Pearl work is a perfect offset for this vibrant colour as their off white shades naturally inject some neutrality into this palette.

Black and White Shouts Out Drama

If you like making style statements black and white is an easy choice. This is also the perfect combination if you want to add glamour to your surroundings especially when paired with a hint of gold.

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