Product Care

  1. We carry furniture in a range of different woods. Wood has natural oils that will rise to the surface and attract dust. It’s important to keep the surface dust free and free from moisture to protect the wood from mould. We recommend regular dusting with a dry soft cloth as a part of routine maintenance. We also recommend use of dehumidifiers in the house to control moisture levels. Avoid use of cleaning products as this might discolour the wood.
  2. For regular care of our upholstered products we recommend going over furniture with an attachment on your vacuum cleaner. A gentle vacuum of the fabric should take care of most household dust. For spot cleaning on any of our fabrics we recommend blotting away any liquids or stains and following up with cold water. If detergent is required, use a simple detergent without optical brighteners. Do not wash with hot water, bleach or apply stain removers.
  3. All antiques/vintage recycled wood pieces are fumigated. Fumigation is 99.99 % effective so chances of an infestation are remote. In the unlikely event of an infestation please contact us for a remedy.
  4. For Bone Inlay & Mother of Pearl (MOP) Items avoid using cleaning products as they will damage the delicate bone/ mother of pearl surface.  Any spills need to be immediately wiped up to prevent absorption of the liquid. Avoid placing hot/cold and wet items directly on the surface of furniture. The use of coasters is required.  To avoid chips in these products extreme care must be taken in handling.